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5 Reasons to Live in Trabzon
5 Reasons to Live in Trabzon

Greenest place in Turkey

What to do in Trabzon is full of adventures for you if you are a nature lover. The city center is more colorful than the other near black sea cities, as well as the forests of Trabzon is magnificent. One of the natural symbols of the city is Uzungöl Nature Park located a little far from the center. Trabzon has a rich flora, a variety of wildlife and has the most outstanding natural beauty. Camping facilities are full of picnic areas and trekking events for visitors. Every day, you will be fascinated by the greenery of the environment.


Trabzon has roughly 700k+ population, so if you are not a fan of chaotic cities like Istanbul, this is the perfect place for you. Therefore, Trabzon property for sale is what foreigners like Arabs have been looking for over the past year. This little heaven full of quiet town life and outdoor life is perfect for people who have been tired of life with loudness. Trabzon has a far cooler climate than the Mediterranean areas so it will give you a relief if you are coming from a hotter, drier place.

Cheaper Residental

Trabzon apartments for sale are much cheaper than the other bigger cities with lesser beauties, but this does not mean the luxury and facilities are any less than what you would get in a bigger city. Trabzon property for sale can roughly differ from 30k to 200k or more, but those are the prices of modern residentials. Most of the modern Trabzon apartments for sale are located access easily to the city center, which has an airport if you need to travel to various places. Trabzon property for sale has many facilities like 7/24 security and on-site services. Trabzon may seem like a smaller city but you can live as modernly as you would in Istanbul. Tons of Real estate investors look for residentials with magical sea views and landscapes as Trabzon property for sale are well to everyone’s budget.

Easy to Live

Trabzon is the largest city in the Black Sea Region in Turkey. It is truly a tourist attraction and safe for everyone. The locals may not have the best English but you will see that they are friendly and value hospitality. The city is smaller, so it will not take much time to travel around. In a city like this, What to do in Trabzon is having peaceful walks and chat with the locals, and taste the amazing variety of cuisine that is special to this city.

Beautiful Attractions

What to do in Trabzon is limited as it comes to historical, cultural and natural attractions. Trabzon is a historically rich city that roots back into hundreds of years before Christ. Its economy is built on many fields like marine, industry, agriculture, fishing.  It is one of the cities that attract tourists, with a variety of monuments and historical ruins.

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