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About Us
About Us

Property TR - A bridge between Turkish property developers and international property investors

Property TR is a Real Estate Service & Developer company which is located in Istanbul, Turkey. With more than 10 years experience, it has a reputable brand awareness not only in local, also as an international. PropertyTR's main job is to offer featured property opportunities according to clients' need like family living, investment, unique for seasons like winter, summer and so on and so on.

Every real estate client or stakeholder has unique objectives, constraints, operational circumstances and economic realities. PROPERTYTR, drawing on their industry experience and unrivaled academic and professional credentials, have an in-depth understanding of each client’s challenges and focus on how best to meet them. We serve a wide variety of clients, real estate owners, users and investors, with a complete suite of services, including strategic advisory and transaction due diligence, capital markets and M&A advisory, restructuring, litigation support, mortgage-backed securities, tax and strategic communications.

Our Mission

Offer featured projects until the clients find their dream home in Turkey

Our Vision

Improve brand awareness to escalate its position in top 10 in Turkey


Why choose us?

Longevity: We have been in real estate business for more than 10 years and have been in thousands of real estate transcations.

Excellent Reputation: PropertyTR has an excellent reputation in real estate market. We are active, involved and connected. We are serving to all investors from any place of the world.

Resourceful: As PropertyTR we are very happy to find the best suitable property that you are looking for, thanks to our local partners here in Turkey.

Our Team: We do have an outstanding team who have been in this business for many years and all crew are able to understand what exactly you need in Turket. They are patient as well, keep asking many questions until you get your all answers which you have in your mind.

Services: We provide all same services to our investors such as getting Turkish Permenant Residency, pick up services from the airport, cleaning services, daily tours and project viewing trips.

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