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We should also spread to European and Asian countries
We should also spread to European and Asian countries

Boz "We should also spread to European and Asian countries"

Real estate investments by foreigners to Turkey is continuing to increase with each passing year. In Turkey, compared to the previous period, the number of homes purchased by foreign customers always seems to be at increase.

According to the report of İş Bank, the number of housing bought in 2017 was 22.234, increased by 22.2 percent when looking at the year 2016. When we address the months, we see that there has been an increase compared to the same period of the previous year.

Istanbul, which is regarded as the capital of Europe, has also been the most preferred province for housing purchase recently. In order, Antalya followed Istanbul with 4,707 residences, Bursa with 1,474 residences, Yalova with 1,079 residences, Trabzon with 978 residences, Aydın with 826 residences and Ankara with 817 residences.

On the basis of foreigners, Iraq was the country that performed the most housing purchases. 3,805 houses were bought by Iraqi citizens, 3,345 houses by Saudi Arabia, 1,691 by Kuwait, 1,331 by Russia and 1,078 by Afghanistan.

Reva Real Estate General Manager Yusuf Boz said that the sales went well and compared to the previous year, housing sales will continue to increase. Stating that only Arab investors have bought housing in the past, Boz said that demand from Central Europe is increasing day by day. Boz continued his words: "When we look at the reports of Turkstat and İşbank, we see that the sale of housing has progressed very well. We are also selling homes in Istanbul, as well as in Trabzon, Yalova and Antalya. Until the end of 2016, our Arab customers were in predominating conditions. However, we have recently seen an increase in the number of Russian, British, American and German clients as well. 2018 started well in the sense of housing sales to foreigners. As a result of our research, we can easily predict that the sales increases will continue when compared to the previous year."

Mr. Boz also stated that Turkey's investment and the benefits of real estate investing should not only be restricted within the Arab peninsula, but spread out to European and Asian countries too.

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