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City hospitals are running a recurrence
City hospitals are running a recurrence

City hospitals are running a recurrence

6 million patients were treated in 1.5 years in these hospitals working like a healing centre. The Ministry of Health's goal is to open four new hospitals this year.

City hospitals opposed by the opposition have healed 6 million patients in 1.5 years. The fifth of the city hospitals offering free health services in the comfort of a 5-star private hospital was opened in Kayseri. Ankara's Bilkent City Hospital, which will have the largest health complex in the world, will be opened in the coming days.


The City Hospitals, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called "the biggest dream", was the target of the opposition in the presidential election campaign.

Unlike the Presidential candidates who promised to shut down the city hospitals that will get the most qualified and latest technology in the world, citizens showed great interest in this area.

In 2017, the city hospital opened in Mersin, then in Yozgat, Isparta, Adana and lastly in Kayseri, the occupancy rates in city hospitals were over 80 percent.

City hospitals are equipped with high-tech medical devices, as well as private bathroom and toilets, accompanying rooms, refrigerators, television sets in each room for two people. They also aim to provide better services than private hospitals with all comforts such as golfing vehicles and helicopters for the transportation of patients.


In the current 4 hospitals, 6 million patients have applied for a remote examination in a short period of 1.5 years. In hospitals with an average of 20 percent of emergency surveillance rates, 225,000 patients received inpatient treatment. 72 thousand patients in city hospitals have reached the healing as an operation. In addition, 23 thousand 756 babies opened their eyes to the world at City Hospitals. In 2018, Kayseri City Hospital was opened and health care services started to be offered.


In 2017, the hospital opened with a capacity of 1,500 beds and 1 million 111 thousand patients were examined in the outpatient clinic. 43 thousand 723 patients were inpatient treatment. The occupancy reached 89 percent. 1,550 surgeries were performed, 5 thousand 404 babies came to the world.


2 million 600 million patients applied to a thousand 300-bed hospital. While 678 thousand people were urgent, 104 thousand patients were treated in bed. The occupancy rate reached 81 percent. 28 thousand 419 operations were performed, 12 thousand 400 births took place.


A total of 1 million 317 thousand patients were examined by the Isparta City Hospital in the A2 class with 780 beds. 37 thousand 920 patients were inpatient treatment. 19 thousand 142 operations occurred while 2 thousand 374 babies came to the world.


This hospital opened with 475 beds capacity. 1 million 68 outpatient treatment in the hospital, 36 thousand 825 patients were inpatient treatment. While 174 thousand patients were intervened in emergency services, 9 thousand 55 patients were operated. In this hospital, 3 thousand 400 babies opened their eyes to the world.


The Ministry of Health, with a total of 34 city hospitals, aims to help them reach 40 thousand qualified bed capacities. While 5 city hospitals with 5,712-bed capacities have been opened so far this year, 6 thousand 381 new bed capacity hospitals including 3 thousand 704 beds Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, including Eskişehir, Elazığ and Manisa will soon be in service as well.

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