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Did You Foreigners to Buy Houses in Turkey?

One of the most popular parts of Turkey that foreigners like to live at is Avcılar.

Each and every part of Istanbul is beautiful, but Avcılar is a key province.

Avcılar is located in a distance of 27 km from Istanbul. Avcılar, which is the most populous and largest city of Istanbul, is an important industrial and production region. You can easily reach Avcılar district from Istanbul. You can spend enjoyable time at Avcılar which has many places to visit. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's home-like museum built in Selanik, the Marmara cadet crowded every hour of the day, Haluk Park museum with its various cultural assets, the coastal park which is one of the most beautiful places of Avcılar – these are a few of the things that get the tourists from all over the world here.

Avcılar, which has developed rapidly in the field of industry, has more than 250 industrial facilities including weaving, hardware and clothing.

Marmara Street, which is located at the center of Avcılar, is always crowded and alive. You can enjoy shopping in the shops which are located on the left and right, you can take a meal break in the beautiful restaurants when you get tired. The most important place of Avcılar is Atatürk House Museum. This museum is the very same copy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's house in Selanik . This museum is visited by thousands of people every year. If you want to enjoy breakfast in the sea view, the place you need to go is Avcılar shore cafes.

Did you foreigners to buy houses in Turkey? Living in Avcılar because of all the plusses is a big advantage for those who want to live in İstanbul.


To be in the heart of the city and in one of the most populous and touristic parts of İstanbul, you can buy a property from Avcılar. Avcılar is a great province in terms of all of the facilities that you have around. If you check up the projects, located in Avcılar from our website, you can find luxury apartments for every budget with a reasonable payment plan of Turkey real estate market.

You can find varieties from 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments. The unique projects also feature separate social facilities for men and women. All facilities listed are available for women and men individually: indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness,Turkish bath, steam bath.

There are many flexible payment plans up to 48 months with %25 downpayment. Contact to find the best suitable payment plan for yourself. The projects are only 1 min. Away from the main highway (E6). You can reach Atatürk Airport in 15 minutes also metro station will be in walking distance from the projects.


Turkey continues to be a magnet for new foreign investments every day. Every year about one hundred thousand foreigners are making investment in Turkey or buying a property for sale in Turkey.

As a result of recent developments in the Middle East, our country is home to many foreign nationals. With the legalization of giving Turkish citizenship to foreign homeowners in Turkey, these people demands about being a host in Turkey is increasing every day. With this law, the number of houses sold to foreign investors, especially from the Gulf countries have largely increased.

For people who wish to get a Turkish citizenship, there is always a chance of getting it by buying a property from our country. And this makes the process a whole lot easier. If you, too, are foreigner and wish to get a Turkish citizenship, check out the projects offered to you in our website. You can find a project from any side of Turkey you want. Click on the one you like and get information about all the details, such as floor plans, social facilities, prices and payment plans. Choose the one you like and contact the numbers given.


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