Award-winning comfort in European standards

We are pleased to introduce you to this wonderful project of Istanbul with 5 awards. The Luxury Istanbul Residences, which has been awarded 5 different awards between 2018-2019, was built in the most central part of Istanbul. 

Invest at the center of Istanbul

Luxury Istanbul Residences, neighboring channel Istanbul project, which is one of the best projects not only in Turkey but also in the World, offers many opportunities to investors and residents. A comfortable living area with high standards was created on a total of 1.5 million square meters. This project, which is prepared in the concept of all-inclusive life city, has shopping centers, social facilities, amusement park and many sports areas. From 7 to 77 for all ages, Luxury Istanbul Residences project owners with various social activities will be aware of living in Istanbul. If you want to buy a real estate Istanbul, this is the best opportunity to invest and live.

Luxury Istanbul Residences Project details

85% of the project is devoted to landscape and greenery. You will feel yourself in a natural garden. Inside and outside the project area, isolated from traffic and transportation is done underground. You will not experience transportation problems in the Luxury Istanbul Residences, which is within walking distance of the subway line. Luxury Istanbul Residences in Istanbul's Rising Star atakent District is very easy and fast to reach from anywhere. 

Family living in istanbul

Even all international real estate consulting companies envy and appreciate this project. Because all companies want to work on this project. There are 3 different plans in this comprehensive project. (Theme Park -Garden - Bazaar.)

Project Features

There are 363 apartments in the Luxury Istanbul Residences residential area built in Luxury Istanbul Residences and all of them have garden. This is the project's feature. Every house has a garden. Intertwined with nature, a healthy life awaits you. Swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, resting places, cafes and restaurants are within the project. Briefly; If you want to choose a boutique life, you can't live anywhere other than the Luxury Istanbul Residences.

Family Living Projet in Istanbul

 The Theme Park concept, which is a part of the project, is the most diverse and impressive project in Istanbul. Theme Park ; It is a world where the entertainment concept is integrated with the end product units of the technology, disabled friendly play areas, street entertainment, festivals and celebrations all year round and you will enjoy the green, spacious and unlimited entertainment. 

Real Estate in Istanbul

This project, consisting of 15.000 m2 ponds and water parks, will be open to all domestic and foreign tourists. n addition to the Luxury Istanbul Residences Project, we wanted to talk about these 2 projects. Because they are all linked projects with one. We wanted to help you understand how valuable your investment is.

Why buy this property?

  • One of the largest living space projects in Istanbul
  • 5 awards from European Property Awards Development
  • A comfortable and peaceful life, isolated from the city
  • A prestigious investment
  • Your investment will be appreciated and be more valuable in very short time
  • Easy access to all parts of Istanbul
  • Respectable neighbors and healthy living

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About the Project

You want to make a profitable and smart investment, the Luxury Istanbul Residences is the most suitable project for you. You will provide the best living standards for your children and family and enjoy a comfortable life in the center of Istanbul. Choose from 6 different types of apartments and choose the best one for your budget. The houses in the project are rapidly depleted. You are welcome to call us to get information about the last remaining houses.

Property prices and types

  • 1+0 43.74 m2 -price 412.000 / 429.000 Turkish Liras
  • 1+1 80.76 m2 -price 628.000 Turkish Liras
  • 2+1 92.78 m2 - 135.68 m2 price 736.000 / 1.020.000 Turkish Liras
  • 2,5+1 139.84 m2 - 142.22 m2 price 1.174.000 - 1.234.000 Turkish Liras
  • 3+1 147.33 m2 - 175.4 m2 price  1.015.000 - 1.376.000 Turkish Liras
  • 4+1 180.2 m2 - 202.95 m2 price 1.186.000 - 1.834.000 Turkish Liras

The sales price includes %1 VAT and title deed fees .

Payment terms

1.Payment Plan All Cash 

2.Payment Plan  %50 Cash, %50-24 Months Installment

Is this payment plan not appropriate for your budget? You want us to create a different payment plan for you? Call us right now and we'il talk about the details. We can certainly find a suitable option for you.


  • TEM Highway 5 km
  • Ataturk Airport 15 minutes
  • Metro 5 minutes walking
  • Shopping malls 1 minute walking


Luxury Istanbul Residences the best thing to say about the project is: happy and peaceful life in the nature. If you want to do something good for yourself and your family, you're in the right place!

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