Excellent Project In Bahcesehir Istanbul 

Bahcesehir City Project

Luxury, Nature and Comfort: A New Life Style in Istanbul

Istanbul has grown so much that people want to buy a house that is specially designed for them and live an isolated life from city life. The Bahcesehir City Project is one of them. Bahçeşehir, which is one of the breathable places of Istanbul, has a green area of 12 m2 per person and the plantation continues. The Bahcesehir City Project, which was built in a region that is intertwined with nature, is one of the biggest projects in the region.

Invest in Istanbul

 Especially it is choice of European families who want to buy house in Istanbul. The Bahcesehir City Project is not just a residential project. It's a city of life. Shopping center, sports halls, social areas, parks, gardens, swimming pools, cinema, Playgrounds is a very special living area where you can find everything you can think of.

Bahcesehir City Project Details

Bahcesehir City Project which consist of three blocks two of which are high-rise buildings while the other one is a low-rise-building blends the aesthetics and ease of use with meticulously chosen materials with apartments mostly having 4 rooms and a living room, reinterprets the elegance with its apartment options suitable for different needs and lifestyles

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It is an award-winning project from Europe for real estate marketing ideas. All of the houses are fully equipped and high technology is used in interior decoration. The kitchen, bathroom, lounge and rest areas are all designed by famous architects. You do not need to go beyond the concept to meet your needs. Shopping center, restaurant, cafe and all entertainment centers can be found within the site. Turkey's first and largest artificial pond, 300,000 square meters restructuring area, located in Bahcesehir. 

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Project Features

Let's list three things you can find in this Project designed for exclusive and private families: Luxury, comfort and nature. There are many universities, private primary and Secondary Education Schools, official primary school, official high school, private high school, health centers (official-private), police station, Amphitheater, PTT power station, cultural entertainment and shopping centers in the region.

  • 147 elegant building units
  • Fully equipped
  • Floor halls
  • Fitness room
  • Multi-purpose spaces
  • Floor gardens
  • Baby’s rooms

Why buy this property?

  • A safe and happy life for your family
  • All-inclusive life concept
  • Luxury, comfort and nature together
  • Profitable investment
  • Investment opportunity in the most valuable district of Istanbul
  • High rental income
  • Rapidly developing life center
  • Prestigious investment

About the Project

Bahcesehir region, one of the most important satellite urban projects in Turkey, was awarded the "institutional practices and projects" award within the framework of the United Nations HABITAT II Conference in 1996 and The "New Urban Settlement concept" award in Canada in 1997.

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 Built in such a valuable region, The Bahcesehir City Project is a project developed in the all-inclusive concept of Istanbul. You will not want to leave this magical life center where there are many opportunities like theater, cinema, sports centers and so on. We would like to remind you that the prices of the apartment are among the cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey.

Property prices and types

  • 65.66 - 102.56 m2 - 1+1: 450.000 - 785.000 Turkish Liras 
  • 110.07 - 166.22 m2 - 2+1: 895.000 - 1.365.000 Turkish Liras 
  • 172.74- 239.87 m2 - 3+1: 1.410.000 - 1.750.000 Turkish Liras
  • 204.14 - 205.46 m2 - 4+1: 1.680.000 - 1.680.000 Turkish Liras
  • ( Kule )  283.00 m2 - 4+1: 1.945.000 - 2.700.000 Turkish Liras
  • ( Loft ) 397.12 - 409.62 m2 - 4+1: 3.400.000 - 3.675.000 Turkish Liras
  •  528.89 m2 - 5+1:  4.515.000 Turkish Liras

Our list prices are valid until 01.12.2019

Payment terms

  • Special cash discount available depends on the season
  • 25% DP & 24 months installment


The Bahcesehir City Project is within walking distance of places such as running tracks, street stores, Shopping mall, open parking lots and parking garages, Picnic sites, sports facilities, restaurants & cafes, pond, University, Educational Institutions, hospital and Subway. 

  • İstanbul New Airport - 24 km
  • University 1 km
  • Shopping Malls - Walking distance
  • Hospital 1 km
  • Bakirkoy Port 17 km
  • Bosphorous Bridge 30 km


In fact, there isn't much to say for the Bahcesehir City Project. If you want to live a privileged life in this wonderful life center, which is everyone's dream and wants to live, you just need to call us. Write to us at Whats-app!