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How to get a Residency permit in Turkey?
How to get a Residency permit in Turkey?

How to get a Residency permit in Turkey?


Why do you need a Turkish Residency Permit?

As the days pass, more people start to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit. We know that a standard/normal Turkish Tourist Permit lets you stay in Turkey for only 90 days in a 180 days period. Many people get this document when they arrive in Turkish airport. This document costs 15 €.  For online Turkish visa applications, you can check

Sometimes we want to stay more than 90 days in Turkey. When you are in this kind of situation, you should apply for a blue Turkish Residency book in order to increase your time in Turkey. But there is also a good development for property buyers in Turkey which is they will automatically have a one year long residency instead of three months. This started in 2013 and is still valid. Government states that with this development more people are settling in Turkey. Besides that, applying for a residency permit is also easier now because Turkey started to use online application system.


How long will a Turkish Residency Permit be valid?

Validity period for a Turkish Residency Permit can change from one situation to another. It can be at least six months and five years max. For example, seasonal workers can get 6 months residency permit. This document is provided by the company that the workers will work for. After this period, workers now can have a work permit. Other expats can apply for much longer period. In their first application, one, or maybe two year permit is provided to the expats. When they decide to re-new it, they can now get a five-year permit. If you buy a house for the first time, you have a right to get a one-year permit.


How to apply for a Turkish residency permit?

Via this link: you can start your application. You have to get all of the required documents to be able to get an appointment at the nearest DGMM office. The system automatically will show you where the nearest DGMM is. Besides that, system also provides you available dates for appointment and required documents.

Foreign people can stay in Turkey until their appointment day.  In this process, a foreign person cannot leave Turkey and come back again. An applicant can only leave Turkey when the application is presented. After the application is presented, an applicant should come back to Turkey within 15 days.


How much does a Turkish Residency Permit cost?

The price for a Turkish residency permit may change depending on time you will spend in Turkey.  When you start your application in online system, the system will show you how much your permit costs. Price can be paid with a credit card or with cash in a tax office in Turkey.


What document will you need to apply for Turkish Residency Permit?

The only system provides you all of the necessary documents but in most cases you will also have to bring following documents to get your Turkish Residency Permit:

  1. 6 or 8 clear and verified passport size photo with a white background.
  2. 2 copies of your TAPU, the document that shows where you are living and how much you paid for that property. (Original version of TAPU is also required)
  3. 2 copies of your passport and the original one. Details page and visa entry stamp should be colored. You also need to prove that your passport will be valid during application time.
  4. Turkish tax number. You should visit tax office to get one.
  5. Residency book if you re-apply.
  6. An official plastic residency folder. You have to get valid residency application folder. Other folders may not be accepted. So ask for the right one.
  7. A bank statement showing that you can live off during residency period in Turkey. You can ask your bank for a printed document that shows information about your funds.
  8. Documents which belongs to your children or your partner if you apply for a family residency permit. These documents include birth certificates, passports and personal photos etc.
  9. Health insurance valid minimum 1 year for each applicant issued by any Turkish insurance company active in Turkey


120 day rule has changed for Turkish Residency Permit applicants.

Finally, applicants for a Turkish Residency Permit should know that 120 day rule has changed. Applicants previously could not leave Turkey in their residency process more than 120 days. Now they can both enjoy their time in Turkey or in their own country. There is no limit for this condition.




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