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International Real Estate Investors

Domestic and international real estate investment and development companies are needed to develop the construction sector in the country.  We are bringing national and international investors together with companies that have developed residential / commercial projects. Turkey has a rich nature, flora and history, attracts thousands of people every year, with what it becomes an excellent country for making an investment. Statistics show that the number of foreign property buyers have increased by time, which is also a good evidence of developing construction market of Turkey.

Despite all of the beauties to see, there are lots of other advantages for people who buy houses from Turkey. And the biggest of them is Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who buy houses, who make deposits at banks, who buy government bonds, foreigners who do business in Turkey can be "Turkish citizens".

The citizenship practice is expanded so that it became possible to open up the frontiers of foreign exchange from foreign countries. So, nowadays, the easiest method of being a Turkish citizen buying a property in Turkey.

In order at the sale of housing to international real estate investors to reach the desired level, and for the purpose of helping our country’s construction sector to develop, we are making our own steps.

Global Real Estate Investment

It is not easy to decide to invest in Turkey for a foreign investor. Investing in an environment where you do not know the rules, laws, customs, habits, ways of doing business, or where you are not familiar with it, and it is a serious risk to invest in an asset that is not readily convertible into cash. However, the risk to be taken can also make profits. The attraction of getting the risks that can not normally be achieved by taking risks is the decisive factor.

Turkish real estate sector is developing day by day and more and more foreigners want to get a house from Turkey and most of them want to get it for investment purposes. Luxury sea view apartments and villas, high quality modern residences, coastal complexes are just a few opportunities of investments that property developers in Turkey offer.

If you look in our website you can find plenty of cities to invest in, including İstanbul, Sakarya, Trabzon and Yalova. Tens of projects from different parts of Turkey, with different floor plans, panoramic view, sea, mountains, green and fresh air will afford the needs of everyone.  The location of the projects attracts thousands of people yearly, meaning there is no chance of making a low profit from the properties you have in your hand. The lifestyles that projects offer with all the amentities will make anyone happy; so will it you or your potential client.

Real Estate Investment Management

Property for sale in Turkey have always got the attention of foreigners. Because of having a rich history and nature, getting many visitors Turkish real estate sector is improving with all of its speed. Another very important point that had an important role on developing of the market in recent years is ‘Turkish citizenship’. Foreigners now can get a Turkish citizenship if they buy houses or make investment in Turkey higher than a certain value.  That broke down the ices that were obstacles of not improving sector. Today, an increased number of foreigners invest in Turkey eather for getting a citizenship or for taking advantage of excellent touristic locations to make an investment.

Either you are a foreigner or someone who want to make an investment, check out the regarded sections of our website to see the offers given you  each better than another. Make a safe search with us and contact for additional information.

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