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Istanbul's airports served 104 million passengers in 2019
Istanbul's airports served 104 million passengers in 2019

Istanbul's airports served about 104 million passengers, as 6% of all flight of Europe in 2019

Istanbul's three airports saw the numbers increasing by nearly 1.55 million year on year in 2019, according to General Directorate of State Airports Authority's (DHMI) data released Sunday. During this period the three airports in Istanbul served around 6% of all flight of Europe.

Istanbul's Airports hosted around 102.6 million passengers in 2018. Newly released figures showed that Istanbul Airport, Yesilkoy Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport hosted nearly 104.1 million passengers, including 38.4 million domestic and 65.8 million international passengers last year.

Istanbul's new Airport hosted nearly 52.6 million passengers, including 12.7 million domestic and 39.9 international travelers last year.

The new airport was officially opened on 29,Oct,2018 as coinciding with the 95th anniversary of the founding of Turkey Republic. However, its first stage became fully operational on 7th April, as it took the air traffic from the now-closed Yesilkoy airport.

Last year, more than 16 million passengers traveled from and to Yesilkoy airport, which is turned to other activities such as training activities, aviation exhibitions and civil use, while some parts will be converted into public park. Yesilkoy airport served 4.2 million passengers on domestic and 11.8 million on international airlines. In 2019 Yesilkoy airport made 138,239 flights including 38,818 domestic and 99,421 international flights. In the same period, Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is based on the Asian side of Istanbul served 235,072 flights, including 135,161 domestic and 99,911 international flights, according to the statistics.

The new airport of Istanbul saw 329,799 flights, including 82,325 domestic and 247,474 international flights. And the airports of Istanbul last year organized a total of 703,110 flights, including 256,304 domestic and 446,806 international flights.

The new airport will be handling more than 90 million passengers per year in its current stage, while its nothing to be compared to its planned capacity of serving when all the stages are completed which is up to 200 million passengers and it is scheduled to be completed by 2028. As it will be home for more than 100 air flying to over 300 destinations around the world.

The development at Istanbul's airport is progressing and working to give full comfort and tranquility for the passengers, so one of the most important facilities for whom having long transits is rest in the best way without expensive costs and traveling long distances. Istanbul's airport provides sleeping cabins including luggage storage area and space for disposable products, as there will be USB ports and plug sockets.

The transportation in Istanbul's airport are viral types passengers can rent cars or can have taxis and there are buses too which takes to all over the European side and the buses are moving every 30 minutes to different destinations.

According to the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), an international organization working to achieve safe and seamless air traffic management across Europe, a total of 11.1 million flights were made in Europe last year, while around 6% of the flights performed on this continent were to and from Istanbul's airports.

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Istanbul's airports served 104 million passengers in 2019

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