The Five stars chain hotels with the highest ROI in the greatest location in Istanbul.

Luxury Hotel Apartment is attracting the investors with its unique hotel concept. Furthermore, it is offering guaranteed return for 20 years and min 26.000 USD rental income for 1+1 apartments and min 30.000 USD rental income per year for 2+1 apartments for first 2 years. 

As a country that welcomes all cultures and people of different backgrounds, Turkey has always been a safe haven for global investors.
Turkey now offers the ultimate opportunity of a Turkish Citizenship for select real estate investors.

Property developers made the difference with its post modern architecture with the social facilities by offering the project to its investors. By doing so, the project attracts the international real estate investors from all over the world who are focussing on investment opportunities in Turkey. By offering title deeds ready to the investors to get Turkish Citizenship. You will have your own apartment in Istanbul and at the same time, you can make an investment in Turkey by investing Hotel Concept Residences project. Here you can find the details which makes the project unique investment opportunity:

About The Project

The project rises in Bagcilar district of Istanbul which is so close to TEM highway and Basin Express neighborhood which is announced by the government as new finalcial & business distrcit of the city. The project is in only 3 km distance from Mall of Istanbul which is the biggest shopping mall of Turkey, 10 kilometers away from International Yesilkoy Airport and 37 kilometers away from New Istanbul Airport which is 3rd international airport of Istanbul.  Also Title Deeds are ready.Besides connecting you to Istanbul with its closeness to the highway, Hotel Concept Residences offers you very high quality lifestyle. The project furnishes you with the optimal pleasure of a luxury lifestyle by offering 1+1 and 2+1 hotel apartments. And the best project the insures to you the Turkish citizenship in a fast and secured way. 


Social Facilities

  • Fitness Center
  • Jakuzi
  • Sauna
  • Restraurant
  • Bar
  • Bakery
  • Private Indoor Parking for Each Residences
  • 24/7 Security Service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Massage Room
  • Steam Room

Why People Are Investing in Basin Ekspress Location

As being at the center of European side of the city, Basin Ekspress (Media Highway) will be one of the most important center for Istanbul in the future as well as for Middle East and Europe continets. Right now, all of the projects are in midtown of the city are expensive, so Basin Express offers you much more suitable prices especially for an investment.

Basin Ekspress’ location's importance is also attracting worldwide known international companies to invest in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is being transformed from the home of factories into a new residential and commercial building neigborhood. Billions of dollars have already been spent to give the area a new look. 650 million USD has been spent to Basin Ekspress area which Metro Garden located since 2012. After mentioned developments will be finalized in the future, the investors can get more than %8 rental income annually which is more than average for Turkey. Luxury Hotel Apartment is situated in Bağcılar, a fast developing area with modern and upscale buildings. The area stands in between the major highway connections and also
offers easy access through the means of public transportation.

Rental Income Figures And Prices

For 1+1 apartment types which are 63m2, the rental income is 26,000 $ per year minimum (for first two years) - 280.000$
For 1+1 apartment types which are 73m2, the rental income is 29,000 $ per year minimum (for the first two years)- 307.000$
For 1+1 apartment types which are 90m2, the rental income is  36,000 $ per year minimum (for the first two years)-376.000$

For 1+1 apartment types which are 99m2, the rental income is  40,000 $ per year minimum (for the first two years)-418.000$

For 2+1 apartment types which are 106m2, the rental income is  44,000 $ per year minimum (for the first two years)-445.000$


For rest 18 years the rental income will be collected from the total income of hotel pool (commonly used areas) for whole project and the income will be shared related with the investor's apartment size