About Project and Location 

Luxury Concept in Maslak project is being designed as 2 bedroom,3 bedroom,4 bedroom,5 bedroom and 6 bedroom types. The project is composed of 3 stages.

Luxury Concept in Maslak is located on Evyap’s land on Ayazağa which is surrounded by the forests Belgrad, by the two leading brands in construction sector, Artaş Group and Invest Group. Luxury Concept in Maslak, built on 424 thousand sqm area, consists of three different projects. The project contains 1900 residences, 103.000 sqm shopping mall, 760 meters long shopping avenue which contains 22 thousand sqm area of street shops and restaurants, office area of 300 thousand sqm and a 5 star hotel with an area of 25.500 sqm.

Luxury Concept in Maslak is designed by award-winning Turkish architectural firm İki Design and SOM Architecture, which signed the world famous projects of the United States. This giant collaboration in architecture brought with many international awards to Luxury Concept in Maslak. Luxury Concept in Maslak Boulevard has been granted two different awards with its shopping mall and office blocks in the European Properties Awards (EPA). In the European Properties Awards 2015 – 2016, the project has recieved awards on the categories of “Best Retail Architecture in Turkey”,

“5 star Retail Architecture in Europe” and “Highly Commended Office Architecture” with its shopping mall and office blocks.


In the project, the first private air-rail line of Turkey passes through Luxury Concept in Maslak. This private air-rail line, built by Luxury Concept in Maslak partnership; connects the project itself to the main centers of the city. Luxury Concept in Maslak, projected at a point nested with nature, gains a unique view with Sadabat River which brings the clean water of the Bosphorus to Golden Horn. Living areas located by the riverside offers a unique pleasure and gives colour and vitality to the district. As it is located in the most valuable and high premium location of Istanbul, Vadistanbul also features to be a living centre which can provide transportation opportunities in all directions with the connection to TEM, Metro, the third bridge and New Istanbul Airport. 

Luxury Concept in Maslak Terrace, the firts project of Luxury Concept in Maslak, contains totally 1.111 residences. The Terrace, which was delivered in July 2014, all privileges that make social life alive such as gym centre , kindergarden, children playgrounds, hairdresser, supermarket were opened simultaneously.

Luxury Concept in Maslak Boulevard, the second project of Luxury Concept in Maslak, features to be the largest office compound in Turkey within shopping mall, open-air shopping avenue, cafes and restaurants, offices and 5 star international hotel. The Boulevard is designed as brought into being in a way to enable all its reinforcements to gain cross favour. It also comes to the fore as the first and only composite project which features all kinds of life functions at the horizontal level.

The Boulevard, launched in February 2014, has been in the spotlight of national and international investors. As a new city centre, with currently employee population of 30.000 and daytime population of 50.000 people, The Boulevard has become one of the most active commercial areas of Istanbul by combining business, shopping, entertainment, culture-art and tourism. While offering 300 thousand sqm of office area with perfect infrastructure, Luxury Concept in Maslak Boulevard has
6,000 vehicles capacity of parking area which is the largest parking area of Turkey after Ataturk Airport. %23 of shops in The Boulevard consists of food and beverage shops. Luxury Concept in Maslak has been the new destination for eating&drinking with its perfect location of city centre, by the river side of Sadabat and green landscape of the forest Belgrad. Delivery for the office area of Luxury Concept in Maslak Boulevard has started on June 2016 and Luxury Concept in Maslak Shopping Mall has been opened

Luxury Concept in Maslak Park , the third and last project of Luxury Concept in Maslak, consists of 804 residences, 100.000
m2 office area and 22.000 m2 store area. Luxury Concept in Maslak Park, with its apartments of mostly 3+1 and 4+1, aims to built happiness for the families and provide comfortable and colourful life, able to fulfill all the needs, for the residents with kindergarden, air-rail line (with connection to the metro), shopping mall, shopping street, parks and cafes. Life has begun in The Park on August 2018.

All social Facilities are inside the projects;

2 open Swimming Pool

Health Centre


Fitness Court

Basketball Court


3 Km to 5 Km ;
Mef Universitiy 

Koç Universitiy

Beykent Universitiy

Istanbul Universitiy 

Isık Universitiy 

Nisantasi Universitiy 

Istanbul Teknik Universitiy

Hasan Kalyoncu Universitiy 

Yıldız Teknik Universitiy

Bahçesehir Universitiy

Haliç Universitiy 

Okan Universitiy

 Haliç Universitiy 

Istanbul Bilim Universitiy 

Boğaziçi Universitiy 

Girne Amerikan Universitiy 

Payment Plan

50% Down Payment 50% Installment up to 6 MONTHS

Property Prices

2+1 bedroom apartments measuring from 151m2 for sale from 2.700.000 TL

3+1 bedroom apartments measuring from 172m2 for sale from 3.300.000 TL

4+1bedroom apartments measuring from 211m2 for sale from 4.000.000 TL

5+1bedroom apartments measuring from 265m2 for sale from 6.245.000 TL

%50 Down Payment up to 6 months instalment