Fascinating Private Villas In Büyükçekmece Istanbul 

Private luxury villas in Istanbul

When describing heaven, we always describe greenery, lakes, rivers as a happy and peaceful place. Green Life Project is a place to match the tariff exactly! You have everything you imagine. A comfortable and luxurious life, central location, safe living space and unlimited social activities. 

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3500 square meters of social facilities include swimming pools, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath, cinema, walking areas, pond, children's playgrounds, cafe, restaurant, tennis courts, basketball courts, recreation areas and playgrounds. 

Green Life Project Details

In the Green Life Project, which has 7 different villas, there are large gardens and swimming pools of villas ranging from 220 to 440 square meters. Built on an area of 625.383 m2, 472 villas are designed for you to live happily with your family. The project has 157.282 m2 green area and there are many social activities. Green Life Project is the best opportunity for your children to live together with nature and to grow healthy and at the same time make a lucrative investment.

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 Transportation options to the Green Life Project built in one of the most peaceful areas of Istanbul, Büyükcekmece, are quite extensive and easy. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, basketball court and tennis courts; lush walking areas, a sauna and steam room with the opportunity to work with special instructors to the fitness room. If you have anything to do with your health, you will be able to project it all on Green Life Project.

Project Features

Each villa has a name. Villa Irmak, Villa River, Villa Gol, Villa Caglayan, Villa Selale and Villa Derya. The square meter and the prices are all different. The construction of all villas is made of the highest quality construction materials and the interior decoration is made at the same level. Only the width of the living space and the floor plans are different. With a water area of 22,000 m2 and a magnificent view of the pond, you will not want to leave the living area. All the names given to villas have a meaning. It symbolizes your life. Whichever you choose, you can be sure you will find everything you imagine. If you want to buy house in İstanbul, in addition to your investment, you can also realize the dreams of your children with Green Life Project. 

Why buy this property?

  • Luxury private villa
  • Big garden and swimming pool
  • Private and comfortable life
  • Nature and healthly life
  • The most valuable area of Istanbul
  • Happy life with your family
  • Social facilities for children
  • Very close to educational institutions and hospitals
  • Valuable investment
  • High gain in a short time
  • Seasonal rental

About the Project

You don't have a lot of time to take part in the Green Life Project, built on a more beautiful and comfortable living space than the lives you've seen in movies. The choice of happiness and life depends on you. If you want a quality life, consider these opportunities offered to you.

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 In the most peaceful area of Istanbul, Büyükcekmece, you can enjoy the life you dream of. Don't worry that you will stay away from Istanbul's colorful life! There are many public transport options. 

Property prices and types

  • A (Deniz) 440m² - 463,3m² - 6.092.000 to 6.607.000 Turkish Liras
  • B (Irmak) 260,1m² - 292,2m² -  24m² 3.551.000 to 4.455.000 Turkish Liras
  • C (Nehir) 264,8m² - 289,9m² -  26,2m² 3.662.000 to 4.246.000 Turkish Liras
  • D (Göl) 300,9m² - 4.315.000 to 4.465.000 Turkish Liras
  • F (Çağlayan) 232m² - 4.806.000 Turkish Liras
  • G (Şelale) 226,7m² - 4.410.000 to 4.815.000 Turkish Liras
  • H (Derya) 429,3m² - 446,8 -  6.075.000 to 6.415.000 Turkish Liras

Payment terms

25% down payment, 25% Baloon payment after 1 year and rest amount can be paid in 24 months as installments.


  • Bahcesehir 10 min
  • West Istanbul Marina 20 min
  • Istanbul Airport 40 min
  • Maslak Levent 45 min
  • Istanbul University 2 min
  • Beykent University 2 min
  • Doga Collage 10 min
  • Liv Hospital 10 min
  • Medicana International Hospital 15 min
  • Mall of Istanbul 10 min
  • Akbati Mall 10 min


By taking part in this project, you will make a high-gain investment, as well as a safe and healthy life for your family. It is one of the best investment opportunities in Turkey. By buying a villa in Istanbul, you can give your life a different direction and live happily here for the rest of your life. Call us for details and let us answer your questions at Whatsapp!