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President Erdogan: 'Our first job is to launch Canal Istanbul!'
President Erdogan: 'Our first job is to launch Canal Istanbul!'

President Erdogan said that his first job in the new period is to launch the construction of Canal Istanbul project.

Speaking at the 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress of AK Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Branches, Erdoğan said, "The biggest project of this city will be Canal Istanbul, this is a world Project. Suez and Panama Canals may be important somehow but Canal Istanbul will have a different place. It’s also possible to solve the problem of Istanbul’s traffic through railed systems."



Erdogan said that Istanbul received the largest share of the services provided. He continued as follows: "We first made two continents met under the sea and over three times with Marmaray, then Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and finally Eurasia Tunnel. We’re the grandsons and followers of Fatih Sultan Mehmed the Conquerer, he run the ships from the land, and we succeeded with inspiration from him. "When many leaders from abroad see them ask "How did you manage them?" Erdogan said that they connected Istanbul with high-speed trains to Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya, Bilecik, Kocaeli and Sakarya.



President Erdogan, pointing out they will encircle the east to the west via high-speed train, continued as follows: "2020 Istanbul 68 kilometers of tunnels and we want to make 355 kilometer underground in length. Our current goal is to bring Istanbul to a world-wide transportation network with 190 kilometers of tunnels and a system length of one thousand kilometers. We are opening the first stage of the 3rd Airport on October 29th. With 90 million people moving to this airport, we are among the first in the world. Hopefully in 2023 the number of passengers will be 150 million per year."



"We lately opened Üsküdar-Ümraniye metro so that citizens can go everywhere comfortably." We opened Kasımpaşa-Hasköy, one of the 16 tunnel projects that will relieve Istanbul's roads, on 27 January, and stressed that they are working hard so that citizens do not suffer. We built a 17 kilometers long tunnel in Istanbul and a metro line weighing over 160 kilometers.. Istanbul we are in love with you. We fulfill the requirements of our love. We believe that you will fulfill your love after 24th June. We have built a total of 127 facilities in the period of our governments and now we are building 2 giant city hospitals with 7 thousand beds on both sides of Istanbul."

“Hans” is doing so why we do not”

A part of the Northern Marmara Highway, Erdoğan reminded that the 1915 Dardanelles Bridge had begun construction, and conveyed that the piles of Gallipoli and Lapseki had been staked and their bases were laid. Erdogan stressed that they would finish the bridge in 4 years and said "We do not have any troubles, we are on our ways and going to fill that gap in Çanakkale, we are linking Europe and Asia. We are what we are. When we used to go to Europe to America, we looked around, the road to the right and left is lush, all around the forest. You drive through them. Hans, George doing it, so why do not we? We said we'd do it, and we did it, but it did not end. There is much more to do. That is the construction of modern Turkey " he declared.

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