Interesting Deals For Mall Tower In Istanbul

Quality life & intelligent investment in Istanbul

If we had said that there was a comfortable and luxurious life surrounded by greens between the flowers in Istanbul, you would probably think it was heaven. Yeah, it's part of heaven. Mall Tower Istanbul; With a total of 468 apartments from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1, and a wide range of social facilities, it invites you to a very different world. If you are looking for a property for sale in İstanbul, for investment or living purpose this is the best choice for you

Mall of Istanbul

Mall Tower Istanbul Details

The project is built on 75 thousand m2 area and consists of 5 residences, 2 Residences and 1 mall block on the Sultangazi Tem motorway. 468 residences, 444 residences and shopping centers are built as a mixed project. In this special project, where wide social possibilities and green areas give you a sense of spaciousness, trees and flowers make you a colorful living space and the nature is your closest friend. 

invest next to shopping mall in istanbul

Rising in one of Istanbul's most valuable locations, AVM, where world-famous brands gather, offers you the key to a different life with its offices designed for your business and its residence designed for your comfort in every detail. 

Project Features

In order for your children to be socialized freely, to go to the best schools of Istanbul easily and to live together with nature, all details were taken into consideration in the project. With indoor and outdoor swimming pools,natural social areas and children's parks where your children can enjoy themselves, Mall Tower Istanbul offers you and your family a peaceful and comfortable life beyond your dreams. 

interior design in istanbul

In the interior design and decoration of the houses, the highest quality decoration materials were used and the best architects of Turkey worked in this project. Not only you can buy house in istanbul, but also can buy an Office at this project. In one of Istanbul's most valuable locations, you can take your place in a mixed project alongside TEM and have a modern office.

Why buy this property?

  • Budget-friendly investment
  • Fast and high gain
  • Easy to sell
  • Central location
  • Easy payment and installment
  • Valuable region
  • Work and living space
  • World brands under your home
  • Quality life

About the Project

This comprehensive project, consisting of Home, Office and shopping center, offers you a wide variety of options in Istanbul. You can have a peaceful and comfortable life, good quality time and many social facilities for your children. Most of the 468 apartments have been sold and you may have the last opportunity for the last remaining apartments. You can have one of the houses to be delivered by the end of 2019 and open a different window in your life. The Mall Tower Istanbul was built in Sultangazi, the most prestigious living area on the European side of Istanbul, to make a living and earning investment in high living standards. You can rent the house you bought instantly and pay the installments with rental income. So you can earn instant profit.

Property prices and types

  • 1+1 - 71.18 m2/81.31m2 - 556.000 - 766.000 Turkish Liras
  • 2+1 - 101.47/120.49m2 - 794.000 - 1.203.000 Turkish Liras
  • 3+1 - 169.09 m2 - 1.231.000 - 1.610.000 Turkish Liras
  • 4+1 - 202.09m2 - 1.572.000 - 1.753.000 Turkish Liras
  • 5+1 - 260m2 - 1.685.000 - 1.741.000 Turkish Liras

Payment terms

20% cash discount available

50% DP & 24 months installment - 8% discount available

50% DP & 50% by the delivery - 10% discount available

50% DP & 25% after 6 months & 25% by the delivery - 12% discount available

The delivery date: End of 2019


  • Istanbul Airport 33 km
  • Taksim Square 16 km
  • Yavuz Selim Bridge 15 km
  • Hospitals Walking distane
  • Schools 1 km
  • Shopping Malls walking distance

Some of the newly constructed bridge passes through Sultangazi district. Therefore, this region is currently the most valuable region of Istanbul. The projects made here are rapidly depleted.


Mall Tower Istanbul, where neighborhood relations are very intimate and you can socialize together, will touch your life in a very different way. You don't need to go out of your house to shop and participate in the traffic jams of Istanbul. Because everything you need is right beside you. For both work and life, everything you imagine will be in the Mall Tower Istanbul. Especially you will have many advantages in terms of location and transportation. How about taking the first step towards quality life & intellectual investment in Istanbul?