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Day by day Turkey’s real estate sector develops more and more. The buildings are buing built with more qualitive materials and with a beautiful design and architecture. Architectors are experiencing new and new styles every day to make the city look georgeous and with that making constrution sector improve.

The civil sector is improving thanks to the large amounts of money invested in the sector. Day by day new real estate marketing ideas are applied, and with this the housing developers compete with each other, thanks to what uniqely designed buildings are seen for quite a long time. That also becomes a reason for foreign investors and civils who want to buy house, buy a property from beautiful apartments for sale in Turkey. Buying a house in touristic locations also becomes a reason for investment, taking into account the fact that there are lots of people visiting these areas and the high rental incomes in such territories. There is even no need to talkl about the inner side of houses, since the property developers have thought of every need of customers.

Another reason is that Turkey gives its citizenship to those who buy a property from Turkey or who makes an investment in Turkey. So it becomes posible to be the citizen of one more country buy only buying a house from there or just making an investment. Another and the most important reason is that Turkey has a very attractive nature and deep history. People come here to see the traces of history at the historical parts. They enjoy the nature at the same time and spend a quality time.


Find your property in Turkey from large variety of alternatives. We are here to help you with the greatest options from all over Turkey. If you are in need of a good apartment, using our website will guide you to the top with your economic realities and floor plans of your wish.

In order to see the houses of your dream, choose the project type, unit type, city, minimum and maximum prices, press the search button and you will have all the options available for you.

The investors can live inside of the project or starting to collecting rental income from their tenants at the same time. Projects are offering reasonable payment plans up to 36 months (in some even up to 50 months) which is also so important for investors. Morover, in some of theprojects enterpreneurs are also considered, and some home offices have been designed for modern using.

Regardless whether you will make an investment or live in there with pleasure, these projects are profitable investment with its closeness to important parts of the city, with 1+1 to 5+1 apartment options.


Real estate İstanbul is the adress of the hot spot of the the sector. Searching our website, you can look for and buy properties for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt, Sarıyer, Bahçelievler, Beylikdüzü, Eyüp, Avcılar, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Gaziosmanpaşa and other regions. You may also want to live with your family in other cities, such as Bursa, Trabzon, Antalya, Yalova and etc. You choose the type of living you want, like living inside of the complex ,  or having a house in Turkey in a calm place with a beautiful view, with all the amentities like in a luxury hotel.

Buildings are of exclusive quality, design and architecture. 1 to 5 bedroom floor plan alternatives are delivered for your choice; so choose the one that suits you the best. Besides the luxury of inside of apartments, you will also enjoy all the amenities, such as swimming pools for different age groups, gym, spa, Turkish bath, massage rooms, relaxing, gaming rooms and much more.

As it is seen, the variety and the options are quite lot. The only thing left to you is to choose the apartment that suits all of your needs and enjoy staying there, making each of your moments special, spending valuable time with your loved once.

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