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Property for sale in Alanya

Alanya, which is 140 km away from Antalya, is the biggest city of Antalya at the same time. Even this crowded population occasionally brings to the agenda the debates about Alanya being a separate province. Although the exact date of the city's establishment is unknown, according to Herodotus, who was called the father of history, the first settlements in Alanya began to appear in the 1800's after the Trojan War. Having hosted many great civilizations and states on this side since its foundation, Alanya has been an important center for both Rome and Byzantine as well as Seljuk and Ottoman.

Alanya is a popular holiday destination for civil and foreign tourists with its upsurfers and clean air. It is very popular especially for Dutch and Germans. In fact, many German tourists buy houses from Alanya and settle here.

Alanya has become a historical center of attraction in terms of its location. There are still cultural and architectural traces from different civilizations. Rare land and sea caves, wonderful beaches, flowing rivers and canyons are such natural wonders that are creating an impatience to see them. It is worth moving to Alanya today to enjoy the wonderful times of history and nature, wake up to the panoramic view and make each moment of your life with loved ones as special as possible.

Apartment For Sale In Alanya Turkey

If you decide to move to Alanya or use the opportunity and make an investment, check out the section about Alanya of our website. You will see the projects offering you luxury property for sale in Antalya for reasonable prices. Buildings are of exclusive quality, design and architecture. 1 to 5 bedroom floor plan alternatives are delivered for your choice; so choose the one that suits you the best. Besides the luxury of inside of apartments, you will also enjoy all the amenities, amazing landscapes, walking tracks, extraordinary lighting and amenities, including a multi-use pool with Jacuzzi, children’s swimming pool, waterslides, heated indoor pool, gym area, SPA area with Turkish bath, sauna and steam room, massage rooms, relaxing room, games room area and barbecue area. The amentities change from project to project, so do not forget to check them in details.

Houses For Sale In Alanya Turkey

Other than living in Alanya, you can as well make a profitable investments with a property for sale in Alanya, too, since the buildings give a high rental income. Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, always attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. Also it is taking place at the beginning of the most populous cities in Turkey. Due to the fact that it has a Mediterranean climate, tourists from 12 open-air cities in the 12 months of the year choose Antalya for the holiday.

Since Alanya welcomes tourists and local citizens from 4 sides every year, there is no doubt of high incomes from the projects we offer you.

Regardless whether you will make an investment or live in there with pleasure, these projects are profitable investment with its closeness to important parts of the city, with different luxuruous apartment options. They become the best option to the most important decisions in your life with their central and easy transportation characteristics, which will make everybody happy with the beauty of particular architecture and social facilities.

The facts are clear and the choice is all yours; if you choose to wake up in a peace every day and enjoy the rest of the day, this is the chance you’ve got!


If you have changed your mind and want to know more about the other cities of Turkey, check up the section – property for sale in Turkey.

Property for sale in Alanya
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