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Property for sale in Sapanca

Sapanca, a charming district connected to Sakarya, is located to the west of the city. Today, Sapanca is described as a quiet and hidden paradise, with a deep history. The nature, the air, the greenery, the lake, and the hills promise peace in Sapanca.

Surrounded by forests that stretch all the way to four sides, Sapanca falls into a beauty that fascinates especially in the spring months.  It is like a natural film platter with a warm warm breeze in the hot summer months, yellowing leaves covering everywhere in the autumn, and forests with a green twin tone. Every season, it is home to different beauties, and it becomes an outgoing adversary of this heaven on earth.

Sapanca is also known with the fruit garden of Kırkpınar and Kurtköy, which adds beauty to the region's color and beauty. The clarity of the lake water, the diversity of the plant along the coast creates a splendid color rendition. If you want to leave behind the city complex, dive in the mood of birds, daze in fresh air, take a long bike ride through the trees, and sit in one of the lakeside restaurants and eat delicious trout. This beautiful place promises green, peace and silence, and will provide you with a clean and renewable district.

 It is a privilege to live in Sapanca, which is a destination of calm and peaceful times, away from city stress, which has a different beauty every season.


If you, too, are looking for a property for sale in Sapanca and want to live in this peaceful place, you can check our websites’ Sapanca section. Villas, offered you, are of unusual architecture, design and luxury. You may make your choice between the different options given. Everything is designed so that you can enjoy each and every second of your stay with your family here. The property offers in Sakarya are just a few minutes away from the priviledges of the city, in a walking distance.

The houses has both forest and mountain view. So, you can reach the coast where you can relax by breathing fresh air and feel comfortable without stress or viewing amazing Sapanca lake view.

Social facilities such as swimming pool, outstanding landcapes with lighting and playground for kids are there to increase the level of comfort and joy. The payment plan is reasonable, that is to say, you won’t froce your budget being a villa owner. Short walking and driving distance to important parts of the city is another priviledge.


 Sapanca is a heaven for the tourists who prefer to retreat in the nature. There are many boutique hotels in the neighborhood, as luxurious thermal hotels offering retreat and relaxation by positive effects of healing powers which's resource is underground mineral waters. It is preferred both for short time holidays and also for living the whole year. 

Why not get an amazing villa from such a district? It should be in your list of real estate marketing ideas. Project with its exclusive building architecture, design and construction quality and amazing forest and mountain view... A way of getting a luxuruous villa without forcing the budget is using the reasonable affordable payment plans each differing from project to project. Up to 24 months installements are available in the projects.

 In order to see the prices and get information about payment plans, clicking on the project is enough. Not to mention the fact that there is no need to even look up for any other websites to get information, not knowing if it is right or not. You may also choose another city to buy a property for sale in Turkey. We are here to help you with all the details! 

Property for sale in Sapanca
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