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Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners

Millions of tourists visit Turkey every year thanks to its natural beauties, scenery, beaches, historical values, night life and food culture. It is one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism in Europe. Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world is also located in Turkey. The Sea of Marmara separates Asian continent from Europe with the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. Therefore, due to the position Turkey has an important place. The capital of the country is Ankara. Official language is Turkish. There are local languages spoken among the people.

There are many historical and cultural backgrounds in the world. A big part of it took Turkey we live in today. It is not in vain that the civilization of Anatolia is a test of nobility. With a great history and cultural heritage of different civilizations memories gush all over Turkey.

Heaven on Earth can be called a state of Turkey. The Turkish people also got their part from these beauties. Everyone embraces brotherly and shows hospitality everywhere.

Despite all of the beauties to see, there are lots of other advantages for people who buy houses from Turkey. And the biggest of them is getting a Turkish citizenship. Real estate in Turkey for foreigners is a great sector. Foreigners who buy houses, who make deposits at banks, who buy government bonds, foreigners who do business in Turkey can be the Turkish citizens. Government have expanded citizenship practice in order to open up the frontiers of foreign exchange from foreign countries. The easiest method of being a Turkish citizen from the ones above is buying a property in Turkey.


If you are a foreigner who wants to, if you are a businessman who wants to make an investment or Turkish citizen who wants to buy a new house in your country, you can find a large lot of real estate in Turkey for foreigners for your taste and budget in our website.

Did you foreigers to buy houses in Turkey?

Choose the city or type of the apartment you want and you will have plenty of choices in front of you. There are alternatives for living a quiet and peaceful life, as well as living an active life. The lifestyles the projects offer you are well thought for every type of person. İnside of the buildings have all the luxury you have ever wished for.  Just by clicking on the project you liked, yu can see all the details from amentities to prices.


Turkey real estate market have always been a source of good investment. Especially foreigners love to rent a house in touristic parts of our country.

There are many flexible payment plans up to 24 months. So you can easily buy the luxury property of your dream without forcing the limits. Look at the prices, payment plan options and variety of amentities clicking on the project you are interested about. Contact to find the best suitable payment plan for yourself and for additional questions.

On the other side , if you are a project owner, take your place among the thousands of companies in the construction sector, reach the whole world with us. Contact us, place your project in our website and thus make it a source of advertisement. With the true information we get from, we will reach out to the thousands of people who want to get a property or become an investor.

This portal is reaching all contractors operating across Turkey currently ongoing to have information about the project and will be able to bid on these projects, most importantly, sitting in front of computer.

Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners
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