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Real Estate İstanbul

If you would like to see the beauty of Istanbul inside of your house, you should choose to live here. It is a city that you cannot wander in in just a few days or weeks. To fully experience the excitement of the city you should choose to stay here.

With the Byzantine and Ottoman and many other civilizations, especially historical buildings in Istanbul, traces of rare features and numbers of travelers are fascinated. Hagia Sophia, considered as the most magnificent structure of the Historical Peninsula, is the evidence of the rich history of the city with the riches that the Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe and Beylerbeyi Palaces of the last period of the empire, as well as the architects of the Ottoman Empire witnessed important decisions taken during the powerful times of the Ottoman Empire.

The Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar are the first addresses to go shopping in the city for hundreds of years, while Soğukçeşme Street is an indispensable place for curious travelers with their beautiful houses and civil architecture.

 Buy a property in Istanbul and have the opportunity to discover this beauty every day!


There are lots of options in our website for those who look for real estate İstanbul . You can find a property for sale in Beylikdüzü, Başakşehir, Gaziosmanpaşa, Esenyurt, Eyüp, Avcılar, Bağcılar, Kağıthane and other districts of Istanbul with only few minutes walking distance to important parts of the city. The projests are located close to subway, thanks to which you can access all of the parts of Istanbul easily. If you wish to go shopping, there is no need to leave the complex, there are shopping malls and supermarkets inside of the living area.

There are smart houses projects available, too. The harmony of technology, luxury and beautiful architecture will make your life easier and more beautiful. Spending a joyful weekend is also not difficult; you do not need to go outside of where you live, you will have everything you need in your living lot with all of the unique social facilities. Social facilities vary from complex to complex, so do not fotget to check them separately by clicking on the details of projects you like.


With affordable prices and reasonable payment plans you can buy a house in Istanbul and make a good investment this way, since a high rental income is possible from such exclusive apartments. The payment plans in some houses are up to 12 and 36 months.

You may also buy a house, live in it and rent it for only summers, so that you can be free in summer and not have to work. Spend your valuable time with your family.

There are lots of investment opportunities if you have a house in the center of Istanbul, where millions of people visit every year. You choose the way of investment you want and we help with international real estate consulting.

Choose your house sitting wherever you are, using your computer only. There are tons of websites full of wrong information about the houses for sale, so do not look for another website if you are willing to make a search safely. Choose the details and see a list of houses offered for you. Click on the project you liked and see the details. For additional questions you have, contact the numbers given. We want to make you sure that you will be satisfied with the options of Turkey real estate market, easy use of the website and find the house of your dreams with us.


Real Estate İstanbul
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