Grand Towers Istanbul, the new sea town of the city…

Designed as a mixed project, the Grand Towers Istanbul project will have 364 residences, 572 residences and 57 commercials. There will be 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 5 + 1 type apartment in the Grand Towers Istanbul project.

Grand Towers Istanbul is designed to be an enjoyable and sustainable place to live for families, single people and young couples who wish to enjoy all the benefits of living in İstanbul 

Live in the middle of Istanbul and enjoy the Marmara sea and fresh air without stucking in the traffic.

Grand Towers Istanbul makes a clear division between public and private space - layering a broad range of uses and facilities, including 1,500 homes with prime sea views 

Four quarters, one neighbourhood

Grand Towers Istanbul masterplan concept juxtaposes hard and soft city spaces, creating streets, squares, alleyways, gardens and courtyards, all framed by contrasting contemporary and traditional architecture.

Four main gates lead into the scheme with separate entrances and exits, yet all give access to one communal area - creating a brand new community site along the seafront.


Kazlıçeşme, the rapidly changing district of Istanbul shining with branded projects and government investments accompanied with a steep rise in property prices, is positioned by the public authorities’ transportation and infrastructural plans as the primary hub of the city’s transportation lines. Grand Towers Istanbul is a remarkable project due to high investment potential and its location advantages at Kazlıçeşme coastline, one of the most valuable districts of Istanbul. According to the results of the researches conducted by independent research companies commissioned by Zeytinburnu Municipality, the real property prices in the coastal strip of the district are expected to increase by more than 100 percent within the next 5 years once the ongoing infrastructural projects like Zeytinburnu subway station and Zeyport projects are completed. 

With the advantage of a “Sea-front locality” within the city, the special sea shuttles to be brought to life in Grand Towers Istanbul will save time by offering the opportunity to travel freely without getting caught in the heavy Istanbul traffic. Grand Towers Istanbul, which presents all of the alternatives of the sea, road and railway system, is located next to the Historic Peninsula, and on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. The Marmaray station, which will be positioned right next to the project, and the Eurasia Tunnel, the construction of which is continuing, will ensure that Grand Towers Istanbul is integrated in the whole transport network of the city. 

Price and Payment options

1+1 53m2 starting from 1.132.000 TL

2+1 103m2 starting from 2.207.000 TL

3+1 163m2 starting from 3.480.000 TL

4+1 208m2 starting from 4.682.000 TL

5+1 332m2 starting from 12.910.000 TL

Minumum Down Payment : %30

Maximum Installment Plan: 18 Months