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The route of Russian and Qatari investments turned to Turkey!
The route of Russian and Qatari investments turned to Turkey!

Advertisments and promotional activities done in 2017 gave their fruit, Russian and Qatari investors have recently preferred Turkey for thermal tourism investment.

The interest of foreigners on Turkish spas continues to increase day by day. The results of promotional campaigns made in 2017 have begun to be received. Especially the Russian and Qatari tourists showed great interest in Turkey. Especially these days Qataris are even counting the days to invest in Turkey.

Spa paradise of foreign interest in Turkey is increasing every day. The quotations of promotion activities both in Qatar and Russia have been well received.

Commenting on the thermal tourism Health Tourism Association (TESTUD) President Yavuz Yılık, said that with each passing day, the foreign interest over thermal sources in Turkey increases. “We’re promoting a large number of points abroad regarding Turkey's thermal wealth.” he stated. Explaining that these efforts will be countered, Yılık said that they have achieved much more than the expectations in the promotional activities especially in Qatar and Russia.


Saying that during the talks in Qatar, Qatari investors declared an annual investment of $ 10 billion in both health and thermal tourism, he continued his words "We carry out this meeting with the industry representatives in the regions with potential. We will be presenting reviews with the delegations from Qatar in April. We are very excited to meet the delegations here.”

"Even though well known but rarely used by our people, foreigners see our thermals as a source of healing, purification and relief" Yılık said, underlining the positive statements and requests they received were deposited with the local ministries of health, culture and tourism as well as local representatives and sector representatives in the past days. Explaining that world thermal plant market has reached about 700 billion dollars, Yılık finalized his words: “Although Europe has the richest thermal sources, Turkey, with its 267 facilities, has achieved the revenue of $ 691 million in thermal tourism within only one year.

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