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The Route to Istanbul
The Route to Istanbul

Last year, 13 cruise with 7,000 passengers who came to Istanbul, for this year they booked a full 64 ships. The number is expected to increase with the opening of Glataport. Cruise companies said, "Not only Istanbul but we are earning too. Because of extra tours of Istanbul is making huge differences in the beginning Barcelona and other locations.

Istanbul which has not been able to host cruise ships for long years, now its on the move with 2020. After a lot of ships added their route towards Istanbul, the tourism sector and the tradesmen came to smile. The possibility of ships coming to Istanbul make the ship companies happy again. International shipping companies representative of Turkey, companies of ship drew attention to the very high earnings of Istanbul. With Istanbul's extra tours, Barcelona one of the most cruise passengers in the world also left behind observed by the representatives of cruise companies, "There are many places to visit and explore in Istanbul. People who come to visit Istanbul via cruise tours would like to explore Istanbul too. But does not want it individually. Passengers who pay for 6-7 nights tours 1000 euros can pay 150 for an extra tour in Istanbul. The average price around the world for an extra tours are the same. However, the passengers who come to Istanbul at least 85% takes an extra tour while in Barcelona it is  40-45% . A ship can earn at least 450 thousands for extra tours" mentioned by the representative of cruise companies.


I.United States 11,9 million

II.China 2,4 million

III.Germany 2,1 million

IV.England 1,9 million

V.Australia 1,4 million

VI.Canada 900,000

VII.Italy 770,000

In 2018 it was reseted

In 2012 more than 2 millions tourists came to Turkey by ship while in 2019 the number of passengers was 283,000. The number of passengers arriving Istanbul increased to 689,000 in 2013 and was reset in 2018. In January to November of 2019 was 7,513. The number of ships and passengers coming to Turkey decreased in 2016 and after that bad events have had an impact. There was another reason for the great loss of Istanbul, it was the closure and renovation of Karakoy's harbor. However, the renovation process in Karaköy is coming to an end and Galataport will host its first ship in April. Although, 64 ships announced their arrival in Galataport for 2020, but the expectations are in 2021 and 2022.

5 extra tours in Marsilia and 20 in Istanbul

Royal Caribbean's Turkey General Manager Alper Taskiranlar;

While Barcelona or Marsilia having 5-6 extra tours, Istanbul is at least having 20 extra tours. The passengers of a ship which travel to Barcelona participate in extra tours reaches 40-45% while in Istanbul it reaches up to 80%. In a tour of 1000 euros per person, the turnover of a ship equals 4 millions euros. If the extra tour is sold to 150 people from 3,200 euros, the turnover reaches 480 thousand euros. Its very important for Istanbul's ship companies. Royal Caribbean's latest ship is under construction and will arrive Istanbul when it will come to the water. If Istanbul becomes the main port, both companies and Istanbul will earn much more.

  • A passenger at least spends 300 USD.
  • Turkey director of Caravan cruises
  • When Istanbul was not at the route, Mediterranean lost.
  • We will probably be the first ship to arrive at Galataport in April.
  • 4000 passenger capacity ship earns at least 700,000 euros per day in the city. The passengers who come with the ships spends at least 300 USD.
  • The ship companies trusts Istanbul so much.
  • Because Istanbul also earns serious money for the ship companies.
  • There are more flights to Istanbul with the new airport. For this ship companies want Istanbul very much.
  • There are so many people who are interested in best shipping companies to work for and earn money in these situations.

Most of the passengers who come for tourism to Turkey were interested in buying in real estate in Turkey too. For visitors who are interested in buying houses in Istanbul and the dream that they have we can make it come true.

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The Route to Istanbul

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