Turkey grew by 11% in the 3rd quarter of 2017

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) announced growth figures. Turkey continued growth, grew by 11.1 percent in the third quarter. While the estimated growth was 8.5, there was an increase in growth.

The coup attempt that was experienced in 2016 was expected to grow by the influence of the Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) and government incentives. 5.2 percent in January-February-March period, and 5.1 percent in April-May-June period.

According to the first six months,  the expectation will be 6.5 percent, while the government expectation will be 7 percent.

The gross domestic product announced by TURKSTAT is the first estimate for July, August and September; (2009 = 100), and in 2017 it increased by 11.1 percent compared to the same period a year ago. Gross domestic product forecast by production method was 827 billion 230 million TL in July, August and September of 2017 with 24.2 percent increase in current prices.

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