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Turkey Real Estate Market

With rich cultural accumulation, unique cuisine, historical remains and nature, all expectations are met. You can see all the reflections of the colorful traditional culture, especially the hospitality of the Turkish people in our country, and you can travel in this fascinating history. This is quite rich in terms of geography that Turkey has beauty bears the traces of many cultures.

Turkey is one of the largest countries in the world with the rich culture and history.

Turkey has lots of touristic regions, all having an amazing beauty. People from other countries come to enjoy the nature and history hidden in the buildings, historical places of Turkey. Thanks to the amazing climate zone, fresh air and sea, Turkey real estate market has been and is still developing. Every year thousands of locals and foreigners buy a house from Turkey. Even some of the foreign property owners get a citizenship this way. The increasing sales are the evidence of the fact that people stay happy with apartments they buy or investments they make in this country.


The projects you will find in our website are chosen  just for your taste. We offer the whole different types of real estate in Turkey for foreigners, especially from the touristic zones, so that the homeowner can also be a potential investor.

Other than that if you look closely to the projects, you will clearly see that all of them have a unique design and architecture. Most of the projects are in a walking distance to the city center but have a calm and peaceful atmosphere inside of the complex. There is always a panoramic view that will great you in the mornings and evenings. Different lifestyles, joys, social facilities, prices for every budget and suitable payment plans are everything that you can find here!

Living in these houses are like enjoying the luxury hotel with all the facilities it offers. The houses are suitable for staying and for investment. Since the projects are located on the most touristic corners of Turkey, especially İstanbul, the rental income coming from houses are high, reaching up to 10 thousands liras.


Because the projects we  share with you are for different lifestyles, from different cities, you can easily find cheap houses for sale in Turkey, too. Luxury life concept does not change for such apartment types. Another way of getting a house without forcing the budget is using the reasonable affordable payment plans each differing from project to project. In order to see the prices and get information about payment plans, clicking on the project is enough.

Did you foreigners to buy houses in Turkey? We are sure that Turkey is such a beautiful country that wherever you buy the property, you will enjoy the city life. But choosing the right house for yourself and your family is another step for luxurious and comfortable life. The options we give you are well thought in order to eliminate the unqualitive lifestyle and make you live a happy life safe and sound. The social facilities are thought for you and your family to increase the quality of your life, make each and every moment of yours special and save you time. The 24 hour security system is there to make sure that you live in a safe zone. All of these and other facilities are offered to you by the housing projects you will find in our website. Anything is available buy entering the project name or other details. But still, if you are left with questions in your mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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