Saffron Park Yalova

A dream life in Yalova

Built on 40,000 m2 of land surrounded by greenery, this project is one of the most important projects not only in Yalova but also in Turkey. There are different types of villas and Konak in the Saffron Park Yalova, which is far from the urban chaos and has magnificent social facilities that can be live in summer and winter and excellent chance if you are looking for properties for sale in Yalova

Properties for sale in Yalova

The most important feature of this project is the construction of the "All Inclusive Concept". During all day you can find yourself in an activity with Gyms, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private garden and walking paths. There are many reasons why you should choose a safe, peaceful and comfortable life in Yalova. The X project was built to make your dreams come true. Only a limited number of lucky people will benefit from these very special privileges.

Saffron Park Yalova Details

  • 7 Mantion
  • 13 different types of villas
  • 26 4 different twin Villa
  • 14 Garden duplex apartment
  • 14 apartments
  • 35.000 M2 green area
  • 4,000 m2 social life area
  • One garage for each villa
  • 7x24 high security

Project Features

Living here is really a privilege. There are excellent social facilities for children. Transportation from Istanbul and the surrounding cities is very easy and practical. You can make easy transportation by land, sea and air.

properties for sale in yalova center

 For the interior decoration of the villa, we cooperated with the most famous brands in the world. Top quality materials are selected for kitchen, bathroom and all other sections. Great living spaces were built in European standards.

Why buy this property?

  • Smart investment
  • A healthy and comfortable life with your family
  • Reasonable prices and payment terms
  • Away from city crowds
  • Private and safe living areas

The possibility to live in Yalova, one of the fastest developing cities in Turkey, is one of the biggest chance you will have. Especially in terms of health tourism, every real estate you buy in Yalova, which is the focus of interest of local and foreign tourists, will be an investment in which you will make high profits in a short period of time. If you want to buy house in Turkey, do not miss this project!

About the project

Before the construction of this project, three basic criteria were considered: nature, comfort and security. These 3 features were focused on and a comfortable and safe living space was created, intertwined with nature. 

yalova properties

We brought together all the features that families dreamed of and this magnificent project came out. The unique Saffron Park Yalova in Turkey attracts investors from all over the world.

The Villas

You can choose one of 3 different types of design and architecture. Square meters and prices may vary but the quality of construction of all villas is the same. You can also evaluate the twin villas and Konak options. Apart from these options, you can also review Garden Duplex and Apartments. The view of all villas is open and definitely not closed. The layout of each villa is different. You can choose one of the Villa types according to your budget and the status of your family.

Property prices and types

  • M Type Villa - 3+1/180 m2: 825.000 / 935.000 Turkish Liras
  • Doublex with Garden - 4+1/205 m2: 855.000/935.000 Turkish Liras
  • E Type Villa - 4+1/197 m2: 1.159.000 Turkish Liras
  • H Type Villa - 4+1/200 m2: 1.215.000/ 1.259.000 Turkish Liras
  • B Type Villa - 5+1/254 m2: 1.280.000 Turkish Liras
  • Konak - 5+1/266 m2: 1.500.000/ 1.580.000 Turkish Liras

Payment terms

  • 50% Down payment, remaining amount in max of 5 months


  • Yalova city center 3km
  • Thermal Area 5k
  • Uludag Ski Center 45 minutes
  • Shopping Malls 2km
  • Marina 7 km
  • Istanbul 90 km

You can easily reach anywhere in just a few minutes. Istanbul - Yalova transportation is done in 3 different ways and in maximum 1 hour.

villas for sale in yalova


We invite you to realize your dreams! And in doing so, we offer you extra options. For budget-friendly prices, easy payment terms and a smart investment, all you have to do is call us! If you want a luxurious and comfortable life in the center of Yalova, you will find more than what you are looking for in the Saffron Park Yalova project. Everything you need for your comfort in this living area with tennis courts, pilates, basketball, swimming pools, cinema, playgrounds and many other social activities has been considered.