What will be built at the Ataturk Airport area ?

Some of the flights will continue to Atatürk Airport but shopping malls or housing complexes will not be built.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Mr Ahmet Arslan have spoken to the media about the question of the future of Ataturk Airport; There are too many rumors about airport but we can guarantee that there will be no shopping mall or new residential constructions.

Speaking to Habertürk, Minister Arslan stated that 73 percent of the construction of the third airport was completed and said "We will open the first stage of the airport to serve 90 million passengers on October 29, 2018. Atatürk and Istanbul are not able to use at the same as they are having the same air space . There will not be any construction permit at the area of Atatur Airport , it will be organized as an area to breathe in Istanbul, and it is planned to be used as an area where small planes can land as well. There are a lot of terminals here, and we want them to serve as fairgrounds. it is not the issue of having shopping malls and residential buildings. "

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